What is a Scavenger Hunt Walking Tour?

It’s a fun guided scavenger hunt and tour through an interesting location. You follow a series of instructions on your mobile phone, look for clues, find answers to questions, and solve puzzles and riddles.

Along the way you’ll see interesting sights, learn interesting facts, and test your problem solving skills.

Oh, and you’ll have a blast doing it!

How to Play

Choose a team leader to log in to My Account and start the scavenger hunt on their smartphone.

Take turns reading the questions on your smartphone to follow clues and instructions provided in the game.

Look for clues, solve puzzles, answer questions, and learn about the location you’re exploring.

Earn points for each correct answer. Use an optional hint if you get stuck.

Have fun and see the location in a way you have never experienced before.

Try to get a higher score than your friends, and earn a high position on the leader board.

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Where to Play

Visit our Locations page to find a scavenger hunt walking tour in a city near you.