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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my pre-paid ticket or voucher?

Got a prepaid ticket or voucher? Awesome! To redeem it, just add the scavenger hunt to your cart, then tap the link to ‘add coupon code’, enter your ticket or voucher number and the discount will be applied. Then complete checkout and you’re all set to play!

How do I reschedule?

Did your plans change? There’s no need to reschedule. Once you book online or redeem your ticket with us, you can play any day or time that works for you.

How do I reserve a day and time?

No reservations are required. You can play any day or time that fits your schedule. Just purchase the scavenger hunt you want, then head to the starting location when you are ready to play. Log in on your smartphone, access your scavenger hunt under the My Account section and tap the scavenger hunt to start playing!

Where does it start? Where does it end?

All our scavenger hunts end at (or very near) the place where they begin. Find the starting location by accessing the scavenger hunt under the My Account section (after you purchase and log in).

How do I install the app?

There’s no app to install! Once you purchase a scavenger hunt on our site, you’ll create an account on our website. Then you can use your account to log in and access all the scavenger hunts you have purchased and play any day or time.

Is the price per person? Or per scavenger hunt?

The price covers the whole group – we recommend 2 to 5 people for optimum fun for everyone in the group, and have designed the questions and puzzles to require a bit of teamwork in most cases.

Can I bring more than 6 people?

Absolutely! Bring as many as you want. Please note: with more than 5 or 6 in a group, each person will have less opportunity to contribute, and probably have a little less fun. To keep it fun for everyone, we recommend splitting larger groups in to 5 or 6 people maximum, buying one scavenger hunt per group, and competing against the other groups to get the highest score. That way everyone gets to participate and have fun.

Can kids play?

Definitely! All our content is family friendly. Kids enjoy reading the questions to the group, and helping the group solve challenges. Even if your kids are too young to read the questions, they’ll enjoy listening to you read the questions out loud and helping you find clues and solve puzzles.

I accidentally closed my browser or clicked the wrong link. How do I finish my scavenger hunt?

Not a problem. Just log back in using the user name and password you used to register, open the scavenger hunt, and click ‘Resume’. All your previously submitted answers will be loaded back in. Simply click through the questions to get back to where you left off.

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