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Scavenger Hunt Walking Tours are interactive tours where you explore, find clues, solve puzzles, and see things you’ve never seen before. Play any time that fits your schedule!

Quality Time With Family or Friends

Need a couple of hours to get outside and unplug? That’s exactly why we built these adventures!

Interesting Puzzles

Work with friends (or against them!) to solve interesting challenges and puzzles.

No Special Skills or Knowledge Required

Anyone can play! Kids love it, adults love it, your dog will probably love it too!

Featured Scavenger Hunts

Some of our favorites are featured here. Find one near you on our locations page.

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$49 per team

Old Town Auburn

Learn gold rush history while solving 21 puzzles in Old Town Auburn California.

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$49 per team

San Diego Harbor

Enjoy the views and the history as you tour San Diego! Find and solve 24 puzzles along the way.

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$49 per team


Explore downtown Napa - the heart of wine country! Solve 22 fun challenges while learning about this historic and important river city.

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$49 per team
La Arcada Plaza in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

Feel like you walked back in time as you explore Santa Barbara at your own pace. Enjoy solving 22 unique challenges as you tour this beautiful mission city.

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$49 per team
nevada city view

Nevada City

Tour beautiful and historic downtown Nevada City while solving 24 fun and interactive puzzles.

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$49 per team

Old Sacramento

Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the 1850s in Old Sacramento. Enjoy 21 scavenger hunt puzzles to solve along the way.

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$49 per team


Tour historic downtown Ventura! Explore the town at your own pace and solve 21 fun puzzles along the way.

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$49 per team


Enjoy the fun downtown, see cool public art, and learn some of the fascinating history of this college town as you solve 24 challenges along the way.

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Learn something new.
See things in a different light.

For less than the cost of taking your family to the movies, you could be getting outside, getting a bit of exercise, and learning something new. What are you waiting for?

Perfect Family Activity

Bring your whole crew! The ideal group size is from 2 to 6 people, but solo adventures and groups up to 7 are lots of fun too.

An Excuse to Unplug

Getting outside and seeing new things is a great way to recharge your creativity and increase your overall happiness.

Great for Team Building

Looking for a unique team building event? Buy passes for groups of 2 to 6 people, and have each team start 15 minutes apart. Whoever finishes with the highest score and fastest time wins!

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