About Us

We’re glad you’re here and hope you enjoy your adventure on one of our fun outdoor scavenger hunt walking tours.

Our Story

We’re a family owned and run business. We founded Scavenger Hunt Walking Tours with these key principles in mind:

1) It’s better to be outside than inside.
2) It’s fun to solve puzzles and riddles!
3) We have fun and get smarter when we visit and learn about new places.

We started building scavenger hunts for the kids in the house, then the backyard, and eventually expanded those ideas to the point where we wanted to share them with others so they could have as much fun as we were. Thus, this company was born. We hope you have as much fun playing our scavenger hunts as we have making them!

Key Statistics


Hours spent developing each scavenger hunt


Cities with more coming soon


States coming soon


Blackberries eaten while creating these scavenger hunts.

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